Mission Vision
 A  National Scholarship Program that will
  • inspire young women to excel  in all levels of life
  • educate young women and be a positive influence  
  • develop role models for coming generations
  • provide young women with an outlet to perform their talent
Develop and deliver a week-long program that is inclusive of a talent competition scholarship program that is more than a Talent competition:
  • Field trips
  • Scholarships and Prizes
  • Bonding with other young women
  • Establish mentoring relationships
  • A talent competition
PRINCIPLES:  Inspiration for Excellence……. Inspiring one girl at a time
This program, designed for young women ages 13 – 17, will have a positive impact on ones
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Naivety and myths about becoming a ‘woman’
  • Lack of spiritual foundation
  • Lacking  financial knowledge

Inspiration For Excellence is a new and innovative program that will inspire young women between the ages of 13 and 17 to excel in all levels of life.  The Program seeks to educate young women on the importance of focusing on a winning attitude, about the consequences of their choices,  the meaning of a spiritual foundation, and the basics of financial planning.

Studies show that the major problems in our teen community are low self-esteem, lack of confidence, naivety and myths about becoming a woman, and lack of a spiritual foundation.  We have added to that zero financial knowledge and the lack of the ability to DREAM!  As a result, Inspiration For Excellence has developed workshops that focus on these specific problems, and while we will have a captive audience, eager to please, we have the opportunity to give to them relevant information that will benefit them for a lifetime.  
Examples of Inspiration For Excellence Workshops 
It's Time To Exhale
Sex Has A Price Tag (The Choice Is Yours)
Who Is Your BFF?
Financial Planning 101
Who Is That Person In The Mirror? (Confidence & Self Esteem)
 Etiquette and Stage Presence - How Do I Look?
If you would like to be a part of a Program that "gives back," inspires young women to excel, develops role models for future generations, and gives you an opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of others, then you need to join forces with us and Be A Part of The Solution.   To volunteer, select the "Contact Us" button to the left.
Workshop Feedback
 “Sex Has A Price Tag”
The participants rated the workshop as “Excellent” and some comments from the feedback sheets:
  • "Sex Has A Price Tag gave me the tools and the words to demand respect from my
  • “This was very helpful, educational and the best yet.”
  • “Very informative”
  • “I learned more today than in 5 years”
  • “I didn’t really want to come at first but I’m glad I did cause I learned a lot.”
  • “I liked how it informed me about things I didn’t know about.”
  • “I liked the whole session. It had a point to it and it just didn’t talk about aids it talked about things I didn’t even know about.”
It’s Time To Exhale
 The participants rated the workshop as “Excellent” and some comments from the feedback sheets:
  • “I like this workshop because it taught me how to deal with complicated situations.
  • Very inspirational and fun.
  • “It’s Time To Exhale” is a powerful seminar packed with great information that can positively influence girls that attend. I highly recommend it.”
Who Is Your BFF? (an inspirational workshop based on the Bible) Sept. 26, 2009
The participants rated the workshop as “Excellent” and some comments from the feedback sheets:
  • I liked the fact that the workshop went into depth about the origins of the Bible and it was also very inspiring.
  • “It taught me about a lot of things about the Bible I didn’t know.”